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Richard L. Earls

I was born in a coal mining camp in Harlan County Ky. At the end of WWII my family moved to central Kentucky. We grew tobacco and grain. In addition we raised cattle and hogs. I can still vividly remember plowing behind two mules. The mules were our workhorses. There was little time for formal education. We did the best we could. I entered the Army in 1950. I served in the Korean war. I remained in the army. I served two tours in the Vietnam war. I retired in 1970. Since then I have owned my own business, worked as a mechanic on construction equipment, worked on a golf course, and retired again from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Then I began to write. My first novel was Timetrap. My second was Grapevine hole, and the third (In the mill at this time) is entitled Down the barrel. My Genre ranges from science Fiction, to romance, to historical fiction. I also write some poetry.


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A doctor of the twenty first century is thrust back in time. His adventure casts him in terrible danger as he travels through primitive wilderness destined to become his hometown. He encounters his true love and is torn between remaining with her or attempting to return to his own time.

Review: "Even if the author of this book was not a personal friend I ... would have bought it. It starts off with Dr. James Blaine (a fictional doctor from Norfolk Virginia) getting ready for a date with his present girlfriend after a long day of work. When he arrives at her house she wants to do a spectral chart of him along with his participation. He concurs and the next thing he knows he is laying underneath a table in the house of a single Mother and her son in 1803! Want to how he got there or if he remains in the past or some how gets back to the future? Then read this book!" -- Chris


The Grapevine Hole

Lost? In another time? In another dimension? In outer space? You Decide!

While playing at the edge of a wood line, a young boy falls through a hole that was concealed by fallen leaves and a tangle of wild grapevines. He is lost in a world of complete darkness. Roots and vines are the only things that keep him from falling into infinity.

A native American, who had fallen into the hole many years earlier finds the boy. They are soon joined by rescue workers who were attempting to locate the child. They all seem to be in an inescapable trap.

The four are soon discovered by a strange people who utilize mind power to control the people and worker beasts
A great rebellion takes place between the thinkers and the worker beasts. It seems as if the four will never find their way out of "The Grapevine Hole."


Review: "I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a creative effort to invent not only another world with it's own culture, but it had a story line with enough twists and turns to keep me wanting to keep turning the pages. A good read." --  Delores E. Hendricks, Edwardsville, IL


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