Harboring Secrets

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In his introduction to the anthology, New York Times best-seller John Gilstrap writes: "Who among us would not go to great lengths to prevent the revelation of at least one secret in our own lives? Our secrets define us, allow us to shape for others the image that we want them to see, projecting our strengths and sheltering our weaknesses."
 Harboring Secrets  Tales & Reflections from the Chesapeake Bay Writers is an anthology of work celebrating the 20th anniversary of CBW. Edited by Greg Lilly and Narielle Living, it contains 15 literary pieces by Frank Milligan, Gloria J. Savage-Early, J. M. Johansen, Richard Corwin, Narielle Living, Julie Leverenz, Greg Lilly David J. Carr, Carol J. Bova, Mary Montague Sikes, Ann Skelton, Pamela K. Kinney, and Carl J. Shirley.

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