Radio Interview Requirements for CBW Members

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Neal Steele, 99.1 FM Radio Personality and Puff
Neal Steele interviews a CBW author for his XTRA 99.1 FM CBW Second Monday Radio Show at about 8:05 a.m.  All bookings must be made through CBW's coordinator, Patti Procopi. 

Listen to past interviews. 

CBW Members have priority for upcoming shows, but published VWC members statewide, past speakers at CBW meetings, and non-member authors living within CBW's Service area are also eligible.

Generally, Authors should book their interview three months in advance of the broadcast, but CBW members are encouraged strongly to reserve dates more than three months ahead to ensure that they have priority for available dates.


Interview Checklist

1.  Email Patti Procopi to express interest in booking an interview. Provide your name, email, phone number, book title, and first choice for interview month.

2.  Send Patti a blurb about your book, a one-page bio, a high-resolution photo, and an image of the book cover for the website spotlight.

3.  Provide Neal with a physical copy of your book two weeks in advance. (After the interview, the book will be donated to a library.)  Do not send too early, but allow time for first mail delivery to:
P. O. Box 634
Gloucester, VA 23061
Or you may hand-deliver it to the station.

4. When you send the book, Include:
   a.  a one-page bio describing your experience and what got you into writing
   b. any reviews or endorsements of your book
This material will give Neal talking points and help make it a great interview.

4. If you live within one hour's commute of Gloucester, your interview will be in person at the station.

5. If you live further away, or have a job situation or physical impairment that prevents an in-person interview, special arrangements will be made for a remote telephone interview.

6. Arrive at the station by 7:50 a.m. for your interview.

7. Your interview will begin about 8:05 a.m. right after the weather and stock market report. It will last from 10-25 minutes.

8. Relax! Neal is a skilled interviewer and easy to talk to.

9. Don't use one-word answers. Elaborate when answering a question.

10. Be prepared to give simple instructions where listeners can buy a copy of your book, website, bookstore, or another store.

11. Schedule book signings in the area if possible following the date of the interview Let Neal know before the interview and follow his instructions on whether to mention them or not. (Because of the station's contractual arrangements with its advertisers, certain bookstore venues
may, on occasion, be barred from mention!)

12. If you want a CD of the interview, request it before the interview begins. CBW will normally record the on-air interview and place a podcast of it on the CBW website.

Any questions: contact  Patti Procopi
Neal steele award jackie guidry cbw vp20160704 22191 5uhdvi
2013 CBW Vice President Jackie Guidry presented an Outstanding Service Award to Neal Steele to mark his 5th year as host of CBW's Second Monday Show and his steadfast support of area writers.