Code Name Caleb

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By John A. Bray

Johnny Madigan, a teen-age soldier in the Union Army had been co-opted by the National Detective Service to go undercover to infiltrate a Confederate assassination ring. Now, in the sequel to THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY MADIGAN, he is again called upon to penetrate a Southern counterfeiting ring in New York City with ties to the Confederate Secret service in New York City. They try desperately to find out his real identity and eventually dispose of him. Caught between his attraction for two women, his romances may undo him.

Echo of Darkness

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By John Bray

Dante Falconieri is now a private detective with an office in Manhattan. A former agent with the DEA, he left Federal service under a cloud of suspicion that still follows him. His partner, both at the office and in matters of the heart, is Clara O’Shea. She was a New York City detective now retired on three quarters disability pension after being shot while working as Dante’s handler when he was on loan to the NYPD as a confidential informant. A woman named Amelia Boyle comes to their office to retain their services. Her husband disappears at strange hours and she suspects infidelity and wants to know who he is involved with. With the marriage failing, and Amelia seeks a divorce. She also wants a large financial settlement from her husband’s wealth when she leaves, knowing if he has secret trysts might increase her chances of a significant cash award. From the first time Dante follows Ada’n ‘Ed’ Boyle, he knows an extra marital affair is not the reason for his absences from home as he witnesses Ed meeting with a group of suspicious looking men on a Hudson River pier. The question is why Ed, a Syracuse University graduate with a high IQ, a former employee of the United States Agency for International Development and now a well paid investment banker with the firm of Karagian Brothers, is associating with unsavory people. As Dante pursues leads into Boyle’s involvement to uncover the husband’s strange conduct, Amelia Boyle is found murdered. This event brings the NYPD and all of Dante’s past crashing together as more and more bodies appear. Ed Boyle then asks Dante for help in disentangling himself from the gang he meets on the pier. Filled with twists and turns, Echo of Darkness takes the reader through the dark world of international crime and diamond smuggling. Finally, Dante risks his life to help his new client and unearths evidence of another conspiracy far worse than gem smuggling.


The Ballad of Johnny Madigan

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By John A. Bray

Johnny Madigan, a teenager from New York enlists in the Union Army in1862, is wounded at Fredericksburg and after convalescing, is co-opted by the National Detective Service while on guard duty  and witnessing an assassination attempt. He goes undercover and uncovers the plotters. Woven throughout is a platonic romance between Johnny and Deirdre with whom he corresponds while in the army.

Garfield's Train

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By Feather Schwartz Foster

President Garfield dies in Long Branch, NJ in 1881.   Fictional characters interact with the real people.  Good for young adults as well as just plain adults.

LADIES: A Conjecture of Personalities

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By Feather Schwartz Foster

First Ladies from Martha Washington to Mamie Eisenhower "write" their own chapters, and ev erybody (thru Hillary Clinton) chimes in with commentary.
Enjoyable and humorous book.​

Under a Copper Moon

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By Greg Lilly

It's 1894 and a young woman finds herself alone and hopeless after her mother dies, then she discovers adventure in a newspaper ad.

After a long train ride across the country, Inez meets her future husband Josiah who paid for her trip to the mining town of Jerome in the Arizona Territory. Before the wedding, she boards with Sam and Lottie, Josiah's friends. Being a true Victorian age woman, Lottie decides to mold Inez into the perfect lady.

The copper mining town of Jerome is booming. Inez has never encountered so many different types of people, some more mysterious than others. Her inquisitiveness may get the best of her.

As circumstances twist, turn, and buckle, Inez discovers another side of the town: elegant parlor houses, the mysterious Navajo Onalee, Mr. Zhen and his Chinese laundry girls, the town's handsome sheriff, and a new best friend Pearl who fancies striped stockings and a sip or two of wine.

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Washington's Shadow

Washington's shadow front 02
By Barbara N. McLennan
Jane Powell, daughter of Leven Powell, cares for her widowed mother while waiting for the return of her betrothed, George Morgan White Eyes, who disappeared out west.  Jane thinks George is dead, killed by agents of Thomas Jefferson.
Jane’s father fought with George Washington at Valley Forge and for his services received warrants for land in Ohio which he gave to his oldest son Billy. When Jane’s two brothers visit their mother they find Billy who is being chased by thugs claiming his land. Billy tells them that George Morgan White Eyes is alive.
Billy leaves for Winchester, where he meets George Morgan White Eyes and  fighters from Ohio. Billy’s brother Cuthbert, mayor of Alexandria, sends militia to help, and his brother Burr, member of Virginia’s General Assembly, goes to Winchester hoping to negotiate a settlement.
Sally, Leven’s widow, and her house servants anxiously send their grandchildren through the woods to Winchester to find news of Billy. These four teenagers, two boys and two girls, make it through the dark woods but survive attackers and are rescued by a mother bear. By the time all principals get near Winchester there are several hundred armed men ready to face each other in battle over the Ohio land.

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None of Us the Same

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By Jeffrey K. Walker

Fiery Deirdre Brannigan had opinions on everything. She certainly hated the very idea of war in 1914. Childhood pals Jack Oakley and Will Parsons thought it a grand adventure with their friends. But the crushing weight of her guilty conscience pushes Deirdre to leave Ireland and land directly in the fray. Meanwhile the five friends from Newfoundland blithely enlist. After all, the war couldn’t possibly last very long…

They learn quickly how wrong they are and each is torn apart by the carnage in France.

What began with enthusiastic dreams of parades and dances with handsome young soldiers turned into long days and nights in the hospital wards desperately trying to save lives. And for the good and decent young men in fine new uniforms aching to prove themselves worthy on the field of battle, the horrors of war quickly descended.
But it is also the war which brings them together. Deirdre’s path crosses with Jack and Will when they’re brought to her field hospital the first day of the slaughter on the Somme. Their lives part, their journeys forward fraught with physical and emotional scars tossing them through unexpected and often painful twists and turns. But somehow, a sliver of hope, love and redemption emerges. And their paths cross again in St. John’s.

When the guns finally fall silent, can Deirdre overcome her secret demons through a new life with battered Jack? Can shell-shocked Will confront his despotic father’s expectations to become the man his young family deserves? (Amazon)  (Barnes & Noble)