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Jan M.

Jan M.


Author Bio

I am a retired Air Force officer and physical therapist who loves to create things. My most extraordinary claim to fame was making homemade arch supports out of an overabundance of elbow braces at my deployed location. My love of writing started with poetry. Although I had one article published in a Physical Therapy magazine years ago, most of my writing work for the last 35 years has been patient notes and exercise treatment plans. Tired of patients who search the internet only to find the wrong information to treat themselves, I created a blog for these self-treaters called With everyone fixing themselves, I now have time to focus on my other passions: woodworking, writing and fixing things. I have a store booth where I sell restored furniture, wood creations, and vintage treasures. When I'm not writing or creating, I can be found helping my artist husband with his weekend shows or volunteering at my local USO. I live with my husband, my young adult son, and my old adult mother in Virginia, where I dream of making great furniture and becoming a published author.

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