Swamp Creatures

By Charles Sutherland

Swamp Creatures: “The best Congress money can buy” summarizes the uncontrolled corruption of the nation’s Ruling Class of politicians: the leading 77 Members of the U.S. Congress and Senate, both Democrat and Republican, with brief political profiles of each one… including the decades many of them have remained in power.

For those who want detail, there are links, including hundreds of citations, news reports and cartoons – which can be linked more easily on the Kindle version.

Most people do not realize that there IS bi-partisan cooperation.  However, it is to protect the corruption of those in power:

For example, the families of former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are both making millons of dollars in doing business with the communist government of China and its banks and organizations.

Also,  there is a multi-million dollar Congressional bi-partisan slush fund to settle sexual harrassment suits against Members of Congress and the Senate – which has paid out over $17 million.  The people involved is the ONLY secret which never gets leaked to the press!

Democratic and Republican Members of Congress and the Senate have made millions of dollars on ‘insider trading’ – an attempt to minimize this national fraud is a piece of legislation nicknamed ‘The Pelosi Provision’…  since Nancy Pelosi and her family have made millions of dollars doing what would result in criminal prosecution for ordinary citizens.

See the documented details, publicly reported revelations, and shocking facts of both the financial corruption as well as the ignorance and stupidity of 77 Members of the Congressional Ruling Class.

See their titles, their State, political party, history, how long they have been Swamp Creatures, their personal scandals, their net worth, their policy positions … and their donors!

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