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Ice Burns: Ancient Darkness

Ice burns
By Charity Ayres

Ice Burns (In the process of being republished under a new label) -- Chandra has no choice but to kill for freedom and deal with the darkness that begins to burn away her mortality from within. Her choice was never a real choice so much as a shove for Chandra into the cold world outside with only a hawk that she’s not sure isn’t part of her imagination and her non-existent survival skills. The hardest thing Chandra will face is not those who want to kill her, but overcoming the darkness inside her that pushes her to keep killing.

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Loki Bound (Mortal Gods Series Book 1)

Loki bound  (kdp)
By Charity Ayres

The trickster god is loose in a new mortal, female form in Virginia. Loki, as Cleo, follows her magical nose to sniff out the foul stench of magic being used to try to control the mortal realm. With the help of a godly brother in his natural form and a heavenly detective, Cleo has to find who's manipulating the godlines for their own gain. If anyone's going to take over the world, it's going to be Cleo.

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Madcap1 promo2
By Charity Ayres

Pillage and plunder are the perfect life for Captain Maggy Low. As captain of her beloved MadCap, Maggy protects what's hers including the lives of the people under her care like her first mate, Jim. Unfortunately, a side trip to a way port left Jim with half a brain and the desire to eat more than a pound of flesh to make up for it. Healing nanites stem the drive of this supernatural curse, but only for a little while.

Maggy thinks she's found the answer when they find a ship with more powerful nanites than ever but instead finds her ship, crew, and freedom torn away from her. As a slave, Maggy is transported by her mortal enemy, the Alliance's captain, Jonah Sloan to the auction block. The top bidder? Her father, traitor Ned Low. Maggy must make new trust if she ever hopes to free herself, her ship, and her former first mate from a new existence worse than death.

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The Grief Masters

The grief masters
By Diana Farrar Caron

In the dystopian future of the twenty-second century governments have collapsed and corporations have joined together to create a new world order called corporate rule. Veteran and businessman Troy Vincent, is wrongly accused of murdering a powerful CEO in a world where a cruel and corrupt justice system has emerged. He is sentenced to face termination by his own demons in the feared Virtual Reality Chambers. Before embarking into dark and dangerous worlds, Troy is befriended by an android who advises him to seek help from the elusive Grief Masters.
A beautiful condemned woman is thrown into Troy's surreal world. Together they must unravel the truth behind the crimes they are convicted of, while fighting the treacherous forces that promise to destroy them. Their only hope of survival lies in hidden keys to the Grief Masters. However, finding a key means digging deep into their shattered inner souls. As the android tries to help them, he faces his own destruction and an unexpected meeting with the ultimate Grief Master.

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Drema deoraich entheophage
By Drema Deòraich
Dr. Isobel Fallon thinks she's found a treatment that will help her son and others suffering from Milani Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder.  What she doesn't realize is that harvesting the source of this treatment in the only accessible place on earth it grows, a coral reef in the Nlaan Islands, is going to have consequences far beyond the disruption of the fragile ecosystem on one small reef.
CDC researcher Nadine Parker and her team are baffled.  Lukas Behn’s daughter Kyndra has contracted a bizarre new virus that leaves her screaming in pain.  But they can't identify any physical, biological source for that pain, not in Kyndra, nor in the dozens, then hundreds, and finally millions of children worldwide succumbing to the same virus.  And no one seems to have made a connection between what's happening with the infected children and the events on a small coral reef in the South Pacific.

Eventually, Nadine has to face the unlikely truth, and the enormous implications of it.  The children aren't sick. They're changing.  But will anyone else believe her?

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Dog Star Night

Dog star night
By James Giedraitis aka Kenneth James

What awaits beyond is beyond incredible!

Eleven-year old Benny adventures to outer space to discover his inner strength. Kind-hearted Bella and playful Pup are canine travelers from the Star Realm. They've come to Earth on a mission. They're in search of a hero.

Young Benny from Prickly Pear doesn't seem much like a hero. He's more of a regular kid. A nice kid. The kind of kid who's a steadfast friend. When he grows up, he wants to be an engineer or inventor, or better yet, both. Benny is in no way an eager warrior. He can't even protect himself against the neighborhood bully, let alone defend others. The bully torments not just Benny, but Benny's little sister, Dyna, and his best friend, Paco.

But dogs can sense what can't be seen. And Bella and Pup sense courage and compassion inside Benny. Could this regular kid from Prickly Pear be the extraordinary hero Bella and Pup are searching for? The hero destined to rally the spirit of hope and unity against the forces of hate and cruelty. To find the answers, Benny will have to venture to the stars, to a world that astounds!

Dog Star Night is the original, wondrous tale about the spirit of loyalty, love, and courage—the spirit of the Dog Star.

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Carronia Enlightened 

Carronia enlightened
By Ted B Hale

A thought-provoking story about the meaning of sentience and free will with a helping of action and romance on the side.
Tech genius Sweeny has found a method of creating sentient artificial intelligence. Will he sell out and become the next trillionaire, leaving them to a life of slavery, or will he fight for their right to self-determination.
An extremely powerful and ancient sentient artificial life form from outside our galaxy makes contact with the newly created AI. Are they here just to observe? Or will they join forces with the newly created AI and start a war that humans have no chance of winning?

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Carronia Incursion

Carronia incursion
By Ted B Hale

A gripping SciFi adventure of crime, mystery, and unexpected romance in an unlikely setting. A Galactic War is brewing, but a peaceful primitive planet is the last place anyone expects it to start. Carronia is a failed colony world with a simple agricultural society. Protected by Galactic Union law, visitors and technology are prohibited, but visitors are exploiting these people. The Enforcement Division dispatches Officer Teo Silva and his canine partner to investigate, but they are unprepared for the evil that awaits them. Prohibited from revealing his identity or using any advanced technology, Teo struggles against multiple forces. A leader on the planet wants his technology. The visitors want him dead. He has no choice but to trust his life and his mission to a mysteriously capable young woman from a small village. Nora knows of the advanced technology that is banned on Carronia. What other secrets does she hold?

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Carronia Uplifted

Carronia uplifted
By Ted B Hale

The sentient artificial intelligence controlling a battleship has gone rogue and has deployed a devious weapon. Non-sentient AI systems, crucial for the operation of spacecraft and all other complex machinery, are suddenly behaving as if they are sentient, and the results are catastrophic. It’s spreading like a disease. If this Galactic Union cop and his canine partner can’t find a solution fast, the galaxy will experience turmoil far worse than any war. His girlfriend, now an inter-planetary spy, is helping him. But will their relationship survive the mission? For that matter, will they?

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Puppet Master's Fall (Carronia Book 4)

Puppet masters fall ted hale
By Ted B Hale

A captivating Sci-Fi adventure about crime and politics.

This former cop fled Earth over a decade ago because a drug lord wanted him dead.

Now a high-ranking enforcement officer for the Galactic Union military, he has been ordered back to fight corruption.

If he can’t win against the secret society ruling Earth, the solar system will erupt into civil war.

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Windows of Heaven

Windows from heaven
By Christian Pascale

The year is 2050, and earth does not look the same. Surge Saturday, the day the tsunamis hit, devastated thousands of cities. Governments were toppled and lives were lost. For siblings Tom and Helene, everything changed. They didn’t have the luxury of staying in their family home and learning to navigate this strange new world. A vile group has taken hold of the government, and people are being forced into intellectual subservience. Anyone who disagrees with the new leadership is sent to their death.
Tom and Helene know they have to run, but where can they go? There aren’t many safe places left, and even those are at risk.
They decide to find their way to Blacksburg, Virginia, and are soon befriended by others who are on a mission to make things right within the world again. But can this ragtag group of philosophers and healers and everyday people actually save the world, or will the newly formed dark forces triumph?

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The House on Moss Swamp Road

The house on moss swamp road
By Mary (M.J.) Patrick

Baltimore City, 1960. Jane Harty suffers from bouts of klutziness that leads to a brain tumor diagnosis at the age of ten. Pulled out of school early, Jane is feeling discouraged and lonely. In the first hours of the morning, she is awakened by sobs of grief and anger that mirror her emotions. Peering from her second-story window, she is astonished to find an incredible transformation of the boarded-up house across the street; it is now a beautiful Victorian mansion, surrounded by well-maintained gardens. Is it real? Jane vows to help a kindred spirit.

The Prophet of ConFree Series

Prophet series
By Marshall S. Thomas

It is fifty years after the last events outlined in Curse of the Legion. A new generation of recruits has walked through the Legion Gate. And formidable new challenges face the ConFree Legion. But the mission does not change: defend the women and children of the Confederation of Free Worlds from everything that would threaten them.

Join the young enthusiasts of Squad Delta as they fight their way through basic training, learn more about the Legion and about themselves, and finally find themselves in the thin black line with the Condor Regiment, facing a mysterious and powerful enemy in deep space, far beyond the Outvac.

Prophet of ConFree — Book One

Prophet and the Blood March — Book Two

Prophet and the Eye — Book Three

Prophet and the Creature from Eternity — Book Four

Prophet and the Fields of Glory — Book Five

Prophet and Deadman's Dogs — Book Six

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The Seeker Series 

Seeker serires
By Marshall S. Thomas

mmortality and Death on the Pathways of the Gods

In a dark future the Confederation of Free Worlds is over-run by enemies both foreign and domestic. The ship of state is adrift, riding stormy seas, guided by subversives who hate the people of ConFree and seek the total destruction of the Confederation. National suicide is government policy. The NewFam invaders have seized control of much of society. The people are weak, helpless and leaderless, stunned by close to a hundred years of relentless hateprop from the alien enemy. Resistance is unthinkable. Something new and evil is emerging.

A new squad of Legion recruits is thrown immediately into the battle. The future looks hopeless for ConFree. The ConFree Legion is being disbanded and merged into the People's Militia, but the Legion is not quite dead. Four hundred years of service to the people of ConFree will not disappear quietly into the night. Is it indeed too late, or will the embittered new Legion recruits risk it all to do the right thing for the women and children of ConFree?

Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods — Book One

A savage tide of alien intruders are infiltrating the distant reaches of the Deadvac and the Icy Way, enslaving millions of kidnapped, brainwashed innocents. As the aliens approach the Outvac the young troopers of the ConFree Legion confront them. Commander Seeker and Recon 16 enter the Farside seeking exploitable vulnerabilities in the enemy. They discover that the Spirit Shifters are powerful psychics seeking human souls. Recon is joined by the biogens, who know all about slavery.

The Shifters' advanced science is far superior to human technology. And when they take your mind, flesh, blood and future, all that is left is to fight or to die. As full-scale war erupts into the Outvac, Seeker and his biogen wife vow to liberate the innocent and kill their captors. They have no intention of living as slaves to a foreign race, and the Legion motto is Victory or Death.
Seeker and the Spirit Shifters — Book Two

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The Soldier of the Legion Series

Soldier's series
By Marshall S. Thomas

This is a six-book action-adventure set in the far future with a wide cast of characters facing suicidal missions against merciless, all-powerful enemies as humanity is poised on the brink of extinction.  The characters are not superheroes or one-dimensional cardboard caricatures, but normal people facing extraordinary challenges, and they each grow and change throughout the series as they experience traumatic life-changing events.

Soldier of the Legion — Book One

March of the Legion — Book Two

Slave of the Legion — Book Three

Secret of the Legion — Book Four

Cross of the Legion — Book Five

Curse of the Legion — Book Six

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Inferior front
By Robert Webb

A man escapes from a controlled dystopian city where everyone wears masks and are treated. like the same, interchangeable parts of a machine, and now has to survive in the wild along with a few other escapees.  He soon discovers that freedom carries a price and not being treated the exact same exposes some of his inner darkness.
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