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Trish's Team: Book 1 of the Lady Tigers' Series

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By Dawn Brotherton

Being part of the Lady Tigers is about more than playing fastpitch softball. It’s about being part of a team.

Trish learns what that really means when she tries to pull a fast one to get what she wants without thinking through the consequences. Her decision could affect the game, but more importantly—her friends.
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Margie Makes a Difference: Book 2 of the Lady Tigers’ Series

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By Dawn Brotherton

The Lady Tigers are all about being a team. From the very first tryout, Margie, Trish, Sally and Nikki, with the help of their coaches, found they were a force to be reckoned with. But like all teams, the girls find that even the highs of winning cannot crush the painful lessons of hardship both on and off the field.
When Margie's dad is called away to serve his country, the Lady Tigers must band together to make a difference in the lives of military kids on the base. But will their efforts be a success or a big strike out?
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Nicole's New Friend: Book 3 in the Lady Tigers Series

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By Dawn Brotherton

Nicole loves every moment she spends playing softball with her friends on the Lady Tigers fastpitch softball team. When her coach introduces a new girl, Nicole tries her best to welcome her onto the Lady Tigers. But Diana doesn’t seem interested in being friendly—or even polite. Nicole realizes that the team is infected with drama and negativity, and Nicole finds herself dreading the practices she once loved. What will bring the team back together before the new girl can tear it apart completely? Has Nicole found a nasty enemy…or a new friend?

LitPick has already awarded Nicole’s New Friend 5-stars. A heartwarming and heartfelt tale that highlights the struggles that children go through at this age as they try to fit in. With its valuable lessons, touching storyline, and the team you can’t help but root for, Nicole’s New Friend is a fantastic new installment in the Lady Tigers series. Dawn Brotherton has created a winning combination of sports, life lessons, learning, overcoming challenges, and friendship in this extraordinary series.

Author Dawn Brotherton, a U.S. Air Force Colonel (ret), mother of two daughters, and softball coach, created the Lady Tigers book series to fill what she saw as a void in books for middle grade girls.  Brotherton’s charming, wholesome, and engaging series, which caters to young girls who like sports, received high acclaim for the first two in the series, Trish’s Team and Margie Makes a Difference.
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Staying Indoors

By Denise DeVries 

Olivia and her brother Aiden join their cousins Ginger and Jake at Aunt Lila's home in Hull Crossing, looking forward to continuing their adventures of the previous summer. This time, what begins as a typical spring break in 2020 becomes much more than they expected.

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Staying Indoors is part of the  "Key to History" Educational Time Travel Series (Middle grade and up)

Steamboats and Ghost Crabs

Steamboats and ghostcrabs cover with bleed no border final
By Denise DeVries 

Nine-year-old Olivia Brown doesn’t mind spending the summer at Aunt Lila’s rural home, but she's tired of her brother Aiden's complaints. Shortly after their arrival at the old house on the Rappahannock River, Aunt Lila gives Olivia a key that will lead her and the Florida cousins to adventure, all without leaving Hull Crossing and the nearby Northern Neck.

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Steamboats and Ghost Crabs is part of the "Key to History" Educational Time Travel Series (Middle grade and up)

The Boy Who Could Bee

Roger gosden the boy who could bee
By Rodger Gosden

An interwoven story combining the real world of people and the fantasy lives of honeybees. A boy sent to a beekeeper in a Devonshire monastery and a mutant queen bee are an unlikely alliance in the struggle for peace when all seems lost.
The bee yard is deceptively serene on a summer day. Brother Adam endeavors to breed perfect bees as his parting gift to the world—gentle champions of the honey industry. His abbot sends young Joe to help the old beekeeper as penance for stealing from the orchard. The boy is bitter after losing his father and has more to contend with than the grouchy monk and stinging insects. When cousin Emily comes from London, she dreams of solving a mystery buried on the abbey grounds by medieval monks. She inveigles him to join a hunt that leads to a beehive where bees guard the secret. But the village gang leader, Brad, is also on the trail.
Another drama unfolds inside the same hive unbeknownst to the keepers. After the monk transfers his prize queen called the “Peacemaker” to that hive the resident bees revolt against her new brood. Tensions escalate after a nursing error creates the mutant “half-queen” Sundew. When her nemesis, Hemlock, fails to eliminate her, Sundew helps an insurrection against the rival brood. After the bee war, Hemlock seeks revenge and thus begins Sundew’s perilous journey.
The boy and girl save the bee from a carnivorous plant. Sundew faces more ordeals before reaching home, but the Peacemaker family has swarmed away. Hemlock’s brood stays to defend the hive from a monster they thought was mythical. The former enemies unite to drive it away before Sundew can search for her queen.
The monk is desperate to recover his precious brood after the vandal wrecked the hive. Joe recognizes Sundew visiting the monk’s tea party and follows her beeline to the swarm. No longer a reluctant beekeeper, he has become the pollinators’ defender and the only person who can oppose the malice threatening them.
This is a story of lives transformed through resilience. Peace returns to the bee-yard not through the conquest of enemies but by reconciliation and admitting the waste of violence.
The author pledges profits from royalties to charities for children with cancer.

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