If your current situation fits one of the four descriptions below, you can benefit by joining the Chesapeake Bay Writers.

I have always loved to write, but have had little time until now to seriously pursue the craft of writing, whether for pleasure or pay.

I have had some success in writing, but now wish to pursue publication. I know what I want to write about, but need support, advice, critique and guidance from more experienced writers;

I have completed a draft of my first novel (fiction) or book proposal (nonfiction) and seek help, advice and critique both to improve the work and to navigate successfully the best path to publication;

I have one or more books published or self-published, but in this rapidly evolving world of publishing, marketing and media, need to learn of strategies and venues that will help ensure continued success.

As you evaluate the benefits of membership listed below, consider that all activities and events that the Chesapeake Bay Writers (CBW) offers to area writers are wholly dependent for support on annual dues and member donations of expertise, time and effort.

By joining our organization, you not only help yourself, but expand support for the larger community of area writers as well. Through working together, we increase the probability for all to achieve individual writing goals.

CBW extends the following benefits to its members:

1. Advance notice, priority registration & discounts for CBW-sponsored pay events, workshops and General meetings with informative topical programs.

2. Free e-mail Subscription to The CBW Newsletter, published five times per year.

3. Eligibility to compete for cash prizes in the annual CBW All Stars Writing Competition and Tier1 of the Golden Nib writing contest sponsored by the Virginia Writers Club.

4. CBW Members' Bookstore is arranged by category and shows  your book cover, a blurb, and a link to where your books can be purchased.

5. Priority Access to all CBW-sponsored critique groups, which meet regularly in various locations.

6. Networking and Fellowship through access to a larger network of area writers where you can grow your writing and marketing skills.

7. Website Visibility - Have a website of your own? We'll place a photo and link to your website on our Member Index page (a reciprocating link back to the CBW Website is required). This increases traffic on both sites and provides value-added exposure for other CBW members as well. The CBW website link receives an average of 900 visitors each month, which makes it a significant venue.

Also, because the CBW website link is listed in Library directories and other area organizations, it serves as an indirect connection making it more likely for patrons and visitors to those organizations to find your website as well.

8. Radio Exposure with Priority advance booking on CBW's Second Monday talk radio show on XTRA 99.1FM - (15-20 minute interviews with Neal Steele - for members with published books); Click here for details. Features free placement of the recorded interview on the CBW Website. CBW Members also are showcased the month of their interview on the CBW website home page (averaging 900 visitors each month) and on CBW's Facebook page.

9. Print Media Publicity through priority access to Chesapeake Style Magazine's Book review feature, where the newly published book of one member may be reviewed by another member and the review published inChesapeake Style and distributed (10,000 copies) from the Northern Neck south to Williamsburg. For online version, click here.

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