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Why Consider Joining Chesapeake Bay Writers (CBW)

Ever want to write?  Ever wonder where to start?  CBW is a group of people who love to write and are eager to share their journey. The goal of this organization is to help all aspiring and established writers achieve their individual writing needs and goals.

How do we do it?

One of the most important things a seasoned author will tell you, in addition to writing, editing and re-editing, is to network.  “Nobody is going to know who you are as an author if you don’t get out there and let them know what you and your writing is all about.”

By joining the club and participating in events, you will meet other authors.  From these functions you may form a critique group, learn of a new agent or publisher, find out how to become an independent publisher, discover a genre that you might explore, and much more.
Individual members also host various critique and open mic groups to encourage and support members in achieving their writing goals. Full details are in every newsletter. Click on the Bay Writer News link to read current and prior issues.

The member directory on the website provides contact information for all its members.  If you can’t remember who it was sitting across from you at the last meeting but you want to ask them more questions about their journey, send them an email.

Critique Groups -  There are several groups that meet already but you can also create a new one.  Email any of the moderators and ask to be a guest and see if you like it.

CBW is our free, easy-to-use email group where members can post questions and share answers about writing topics. Subscribe to receive a weekly announcement of a topic, and you can reply and receive comments or questions by email. Read and respond at your convenience!

All-Stars Gala - CBW provides opportunities to share your work, and maybe even win in a friendly competition. Members read their work and compete for cash prizes all while enjoying a wonderful lunch.

The Golden Nib Contest - Members can compete in the club-level of the Golden Nib writing contest which is sponsored by the Virginia Writers Club. Members are eligible to submit one piece in each category. The first place winning submissions will be entered in the state-wide contest and win a $25 prize from CBW. The state-wide contest awards three cash prizes in each category of Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry. All chapter first-place entries will be published in the Golden Nib Journal. Second and Third place club winners may request publication in the  VWC Spring Journal on their cover sheet.

Programs/ Workshops
At our member meetings, you can learn either from listening to the program speaker or by conversing with the writers sitting next to you at lunch who share their knowledge.  Some informative topical programs have included:
“Product Management for Writers: For whom do you write?” by Tim Holland.
“How to get started as a Writer” by Frank Milligan
“How to be a Rock Star at PR” by Alice Osborn

Opportunities to write and get noticed:
The CBW member bookstore, located on the CBW website, is a place where you can promote your book and gives links to where it can be purchased. In return, we ask you to post a link to the CBW on your site.

With your membership, you get a free e-mail Subscription to Bay Writers News, the CBW newsletter, published five times per year. You may submit articles to the newsletter and be published.

Radio Exposure – CBW's Second Monday talk radio show on XTRA 99.1 FM offers a 15-20 minute interview with Neal Steele about members' recently published books. Features free placement of the recorded interview on the CBW Website.


Why dues?

 All activities and events of the CBW are wholly dependent on annual dues and member donations of expertise, time and effort. By joining our organization, you not only help yourself, but expand support for the larger community of area writers.

No matter what your level of writing, CBW is ready to help you on your journey.
CBW is the local chapter of the Virginia Writers Club (separate membership required) which offers even more opportunities for learning and growth.

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