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Rich blecher xima
By Rich Blecher

Unaware that he is in the pivot in a battle of good and evil on two planets hurtling towards destruction, Zack Bates wants only a normal life with Katia, but General Tonya Skyler traveled across the galaxy for a warrior powerful enough to free Xima from swarms of predatory humans. She trains Zack into a savior with the strength to cleanse this tortured land, while also plucking Earth from certain destruction by roiling civil wars. Torn between his true love for Katia and his new-found love for the General, Zach must save two worlds from disaster, while rescuing his heart’s passion from servitude. Can he surmount these inner conflicts, hardening his hatreds into deadly weapons in his quest to protect civilization on Xima and Earth.

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I Want To Go Home

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By Cindy L. Freeman

I Want to Go Home chronicles one family’s journey from middle-class comfort to homelessness. It is Abby’s story.

When teenage Abby runs away with her younger brothers, she thinks she’s saving them from separation and foster care. What begins as an escape from the system turns into a spiritual awakening when Abby realizes God is with her throughout the hardships she encounters. Her spiritual journey serves as a witness to God’s unconditional love, inspiring young women to turn to God for strength as they face life’s inevitable challenges.

Homelessness is a human condition that is all too common, even in developed countries. Yet, we who enjoy the privilege of middle class assume it could never happen to us. I Want to Go Home identifies some of the factors that contribute to unexpected homelessness. This novel will resonate with young adults who can relate to Abby’s struggle and her strength.

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The Wealth of Jamestown

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By Barbara N. McLennan

Closely based on historical events and people who lived in Jamestown in the 1690’s. It is a revolutionary time, with Virginia seeing the birth of commerce, piracy, and vast accumulations of wealth.

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My Name is Erin, and My Mom's an Addict

My name is
By Amy Voltaire

Raised by her grandparents when her mother chooses drugs over her daughter, Erin knows she’s not like other kids. Then her world is shaken a second time by her mother’s reappearance. Being a teenager is never easy, but just when Erin thinks she has her life on track, her mother shows up and warms her way back into Erin’s life. Can an addict really ever kick addiction? How many lives will drugs destroy?

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Atalanta book cover small
By Robert Webb

An adaptation of the Greek myth of Atalanta, a warrior woman who was abandoned by her parents. on account of her sex and grows up to help slay a monster.

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