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Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Vic Brown

Author of

Vampire Resurrection


Tune in to XTRA 99.1FM to hear the Author interviewed by Neal Steele on CBW's Second Monday monthly broadcast, May 11th at about 8:05AM. If you missed the live broadcast, play the podcast:


About the Book

Lamar Bradford, wealthy owner of Coleson Manor, is a third generation offspring of a polluted blood line, and the gene for vampirism that he carries in his DNA has just been triggered. Morgan Summers, a 325-year-old vampire, who was forced to watch her mother pressed to death as a witch in Salem Village in 1692, is searching for the key to mortality. Lamar has it, but it comes at a high price.  A sinister and clandestine arm of the R C C—the Order of the Vampire Final Solution—has tracked down and killed fifty-seven vampires since its inception in 1925. Morgan Summers is to be their fifty-eighth conquest, with Lamar soon to follow. But there is hope. Dr. James Heller, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science is also Director of Harvard’s Genetics Laboratory. Heller’s scientists are desperately working on a gene-splicing technique that would provide resurrection for vampires—a return to mortality and humanity. Will Lamar and Morgan defeat the OVFS and those trying to destroy them? But more importantly, can a secret resurrection project succeed to save others trapped by the vampire gene?

About the Author

Vic Brown earned bachelor and master degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University and American University in Washington, D.C. He grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, and after graduating from OWU he served as an officer for thirty years in the USAF, retiring as a colonel and Vietnam veteran. He also served in the Department of Defense as a civilian after retiring from military service, and volunteered as a “junior historian” in DoD for another seven years.

He has written numerous short stories, published seventy-one articles in a jazz club monthly periodical, has completed a novella, memoir, three novels, and currently working on a fourth novel. His first novel won grand prize in the Maryland Writer’s Association yearly novel contest, and he served as a novel contest judge for five years. Vic has attended many conferences, workshops, critique groups, college writing courses, and writer retreats and looking forward to more.

Vic and Jenny are delighted to be relatively new residents of Williamsburg, Virginia, where they serve as staff for their orange tabby, Crickett.

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