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Sarah Collins Honenberger

Author of 

Minding Henry Lewis


Tune in to XTRA 99.1FM to hear the Author interviewed by Neal Steele on CBW's Second Monday monthly broadcast, October 13th at about 8:05AM. If you missed the live broadcast,

play the podcast now:



About the Author and the Book

The book is a river story based on a true event. As I worked on Minding Henry Lewis, another river town novel about a drowning, I was ever mindful that Daniel Landon rowed and swam on this river as he contemplated life and tried to figure out what the world had in store for him after the leukemia hit. The anniversary of Salinger's death last January 27 is a permanent beacon to me as a writer. Real people who read and think and talk about their place in the universe can open minds and hearts to that better understanding of what it means to be human.

The plot unfolds when Henry Lewis, an African-American, drowns in front of his 14-year-old sister, Meeka. Her guilt and grief over not being able to save him become common ground with Celie, a much older white neighbor, who has just completed cancer treatment.  Meeka refuses to let anyone get close, but another family crisis pushes the two neighbors together.

“They are forced to consider their differences and that common ground or risk another loss.” Honenberger explained.

"Rivers are fascinating as metaphors for life, seasons, and the passage of time, to name a few themes that arise in river stories,” she said, adding that the success of her previous novel, Catcher, Caught, was partly due to the river themes and settings. The book earned a Pen/Faulkner selection for its Writers in Schools program.

"With cancer surgeries and treatment behind me, I'm still inspired by all the courageous people I met, but am writing full speed ahead, albeit with a deeper sense of the value of humor and not squandering the time we're given with the people we love.

Writing fiction satisfies my sense of adventure in the everyday, ordinary people put to the test in all kinds of ways by ordinary and extraordinary events: the 14-year-old sister who can't save her brother from drowning, the mother of a vaccine injured baby, an old cowboy who ran away from a pregnant wife forty years earlier, the 16-year-old boy who tells it like it is as he struggles to live a whole lifetime in the year the doctor's give him once he's diagnosed with leukemia."

An author with three award-winning novels, Sally writes from her river home in Tappahannock, Virginia.

"For me, the miracle of writing is that mere words, albeit honed with a fierce red editing pen, can create these characters and make them friends. Let me hear from you about Daniel, Holden, Lacy, Rhue, and all the other family of Honenberger characters who I hope will live beyond those pages."

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