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R.I.P David George Ball,

Author of A Marked Heart

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Barbara N. McLennan

author of 

The Wealth of Jamestown


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About the Book

The history of Virginia reflects the character and goals of the people who lived there, including the women who often ran the plantations and made the deals that became the foundation of the wealth and the basis of the laws.

William Roscoe, young Virginia planter and sheriff, and Sarah Harrison, daughter of one of Virginia’s wealthiest planters, are engaged and in love, but Sarah is forced by her father for business reasons to break the engagement and marry James Blair, Commissary of the Church of England.

She retains her dowry and wealth, and while Blair goes to England to lobby for a college of which he’d be President, she continues her relationship with William. She has a baby to be raised by her brother as Benjamin Harrison IV, and continues accumulating property. She and William come to own two sailing ships, and William begins trade with pirates in the new city of Charles Towne. Blair returns to Virginia and raises disputes with Governor Andros and his council.

Blair goes back to London and accuses Andros of various offenses before an ecclesiastical court there. With the war with France finished, Andros decides to retire and return to England. Blair takes credit for removing the governor and selecting the new governor. He returns to a colony that is bursting with wealth and growth and excitement, over which he wants to exercise power, but which he doesn’t understand.

About the Author

Barbara McLennan has published six books and numerous magazine and journal articles on various political, economic, and historical subjects. For two years she contributed columns and articles on local customs and local history to, a local on line newspaper serving the Rappahannock region of Virginia. Currently she serves as docent at Jamestown Settlement, the living history museum that commemorates the founding of the first permanent English settlement in North America. There she provides lectures and information to visitors. She is also author of Reagan's Mandate, published in 2009.

Holding both Ph. D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and J.D. (Georgetown) degrees, Barbara McLennan is a former association executive and high level official in the United States Departments of Commerce and Treasury.

Prior to her work for the government, she held the position of professor of political science at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While a professor she published four books and numerous academic articles and research studies.  Her books include a text book on comparative political systems, a major contribution to the teaching literature which was used in university courses for over ten years. This book received favorable reviews, described by the publisher as “a break-through book, cohesive yet wide-ranging in nature and, in general, a superb synthesis with original conclusions of the best in contemporary comparative politics research.” It was published in two separate editions, Comparative Politics and Public Policy, (Duxbury Press, 1980) and Comparative Political Systems:  Developed and Developing Nations, (Duxbury Press, 1975). As editor and contributor she also published two books of readings, Political Opposition and Dissent (The Dunellen Company, 1973), and Crime in Urban Society (The Dunellen Company, 1970).

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