CBW Luncheon Meeting - Thursday, September 15

CBW Luncheon Meeting - Thursday, September 15

Speaker: Daisy Howard-Douglas
"Experiences in Writing African-American History"
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Crystal C. Coombes Interviewed on CBW Second Monday Show 99.1 FM with Neal Steele, August 8, 8:05 a.m.

Crystal C. Coombes Interviewed on CBW Second Monday Show 99.1 FM with Neal Steele, August 8, 8:05 a.m.

Neal interviewed Crystal about her new book, All Things Equal, on the August 8th show on XTRA 99.1 FM at 8:05 a.m.

In the Chesapeake Bay town of Guineaport, the local watermen keep to themselves and call anyone without deep roots on the bay "Come-Heres." Recently, forcibly, retired FBI Agent Lu Garcia arrives to recover, but finds herself waist deep in a local murder.

One less Come-Here, and no one is talking. When the sheriff stops his investigation with the young girl adopted by the victim, Lu recognizes a set up and wades in the murky waters of the town's legends, rumors, deceits, and betrayals.

Tides turn. Murders amass. Boats scuttle. Lu summons her intellect, intuition, and judgment to untangle the duality of small town charm and danger.

​All things equal, murder is personal.

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Crystal C. Coombes

Crystal C. Coombes

About the Author

Crystal C. Coombes is the author of All Things Equal, the first novel in the Lucille Garcia mystery-fiction series.

As a licensed mental health therapist, legal consultant, private investigator and university administrator, Ms. Coombes has often ventured into worlds that have limited access. Her vita reflects more than 30 years as a professional “voyeur.”

​Ms. Coombes has been an invited speaker at conventions and professional conferences throughout the United States. She enjoys teaching college Composition and Literature, in addition to her full-time position as a university administrator. She is a recognized expert in her field. She is currently writing the next installment of the Lucille Garcia series.

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