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Carol J.

Carol J.


Author Bio

Carol J. Bova adopted a new lifestyle as a writer after she relocated in 2004 to Mathews, Virginia, a small rural county on the Chesapeake Bay. After thirty-five years in business and nonprofit administration in New York and California, she discovered the complex connection of friendships and rivalries of a small town with a long history and great natural beauty. She draws on those elements in creating her fictional small town of Chestnut Springs in West Virginia. Her second Chestnut Springs novel, Breaking the Eighth, looks at the impact of embezzlement from a church, an event that occurs world-wide with losses in the billions.

Additional Info

Carol writes nonfiction articles for Chesapeake Style magazine and the blog. Her 2014 book, Drowning a County, stands as a landmark reference work on the impact of failed Virginia state road drainage maintenance. Her genealogy projects include a biography in progress of a man in the U.S. Army during the Indian Wars as the Signal Corps evolved into the newly-established Weather Bureau.

Carol applies her research skills to genealogy and helped several clients locate Jamestowne Society documentation. She enjoys creating silver jewelry and shares her home with William the Cat, the Maine Coon-buff tabby who found her at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society.

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