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Current Chesapeake Bay Writers: Frank Milligan, Gloria J. Savage-Early, Julie Leverenz, Greg Lilly, David J. Carr, Carol J. Bova, Mary Montague Sikes, Ann Skelton, and Carl J. Shirley.

Stan Parsons


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Sharon Canfield Dorsey
Rick Collins
Janice Hoffman
Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda
Ronald Munro


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Charles Sutherland



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Catherine Brooks
Roger Gosden
John H. Harding, Jr.
Barbara N. McLennan
Craig Shirley

Children's Literature (also see Middle Grade)

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Sharon Canfield Dorsey
Sonja McGiboney
Ronald Munro
Mary Montague Sikes
Susan Williamson




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John D. Broadwater
Catherine Brooks
Feather Schwartz Foster
Paul Tsompanas

How-To/Self Help

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Elizabeth Goesal
M. J. Scott
Mary Montague Sikes
Susan Williamson


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Mary Montague Sikes


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Sharon Canfield Dorsey
Tracy Lanum
Peter G Stipe

Writing Craft

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Greg Lilly
Frank Milligan


Coming of Age Fiction

Contemporary Fiction

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Carol J. Bova
Eleanor Chance
Cindy L. Freeman

Historical Fiction

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John A. Bray
Feather Schwartz Foster
Greg Lilly
BarbarA McLennan
Jeffrey K. Walker

Literary Fiction

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Gail Priest
Peter Stipe

Middle Grade


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John A Bray
Dawn Brotherton
Greg Lilly
Ronald Munro
Mary Montague Sikes
Tim Holland
Susan Williamson


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Dawn Brotherton writing as Misty Austin
Ronald Munro
Mary Montague Sikes

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Sports and Sports Fiction

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Dawn Brotherton
Peter Stipe

Young Adult

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Cindy L Freeman
Barbara McLennan
Amy Voltaire