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Gaustad Procopi

Author Bio

Patti is a former army brat who lived all over the world before settling in the rural community of Gloucester, Virginia with her husband, Greg. There, they raised three daughters and numerous cats and dogs.

After retiring from working at two area history museums, Patti finally had time to do the things she always wanted to, including writing. Moving constantly made it difficult to make friends and form lasting relationships. Her writing is about emotional connections, friendship and family.

In addition to writing, Patti fills her days with rescuing raptors and other birds, and taking pictures of the birds on the creek in her backyard including her beloved osprey, herons and egrets. Patti also likes to research her past on Ancestry. She and Greg love to travel and have been busy checking off their bucket list.

Additional Info

My characters have come to life on the pages of my novels - their sorrows, their joys, their frustrations...all relatable and familiar.

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