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Ted B

Ted B


Author Bio

A musician, martial artist, and dog lover, Ted works as a cyber-security analyst and software engineer. He writes Science Fiction novels and short stories to keep his sanity.

He lives in the woods of Virginia with his wife, Donna and their Pit Bull, Bella. Like many people, Ted finally got inspired to write during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020. The result was Carronia Incursion, his first full length novel to be published.

Along with camping and playing guitar, Ted likes to spend his time creating electronic gadgets. He is an active volunteer, teaching electronics and programming to children at the local Makerspace.

Though he is retired now, Ted was a certified Taekwondo instructor for over a decade and holds the rank of 3rd Dan in the World Taekwondo Federation. Like his main character, he is quite proficient with a bo staff.

Additional Info

A gripping SciFi adventure of crime, mystery, and unexpected romance in an unlikely setting.

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