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Author Bio

Army Pathologist Turned Writer
Bradley Harper

Bradley Harper is a retired US Army Colonel and pathologist with extensive experience in autopsies and forensic investigation. Along with clinical experience, he had four commands, and is the only non-Italian to ever receive the Knights of Malta award for his support of the Italian Army.

A life-long fan of Sherlock Holmes, upon retirement Brad received his Associates in Creative Writing from Full Sail University, to help him write his first book–A Knife in the Fog–a book that he’d always wanted to read.

Brad’s life before becoming an author was as a board-certified Army Pathologist. Brad has performed over 200 autopsies during his 37 years of active duty as a pathologist, and his clinical years are interwoven with four stints as the commanding officer of various medical units. Brad was an Infantry officer before medical school, worked in the Pentagon, and learned to speak five languages. Yet, he also happily plays Santa each Christmas (with his loving wife as Mrs. Claus). It is this juxtaposition of exploring the body, mind, and humanity that allows Brad to share universal truths with his readers–on the page, or through book talks.

My Time with General Colin Powell
Brad’s former military career prepared him in helping Leslie Lautenslager write her memoir about her 25 plus years as executive assistant to GEN Colin Powell. Though he never met the General in person, while serving as the chief of pathology at the US Army hospital in Heidelberg, he safeguarded two units of blood for General Powell during his visit to the commanding general at US Army Europe. Now, he helps safeguard the man’s legacy.

Additional Info

A life-long fan of Sherlock Holmes

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