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Author Bio

Hello! As far back as I can remember, I’ve been scribbling things down. If you opened my closet, you’d find a box stuffed with journals, but I was always a little too afraid to put myself out there (even after receiving an M.A. in English from San José State University). One day, browsing in a bookstore, I came across a book titled Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway. While I never read the book, the title alone caused me to challenge myself to go to a writing retreat and there I found the part of myself fear had obscured for all of those years. My love of words, rhythm, and music then lead me to poetry. I’m grateful to be here.

Additional Info

Jennifer Randall Hotz is an award-winning poet whose work has appeared in Burningword Literary Journal, Naugatuck River Review, and Connecticut River Review, among other publications. She won 1st place in poetry for the Virginia Writers Club 2023 Golden Nib Awards and has been nominated for a 2024 Pushcart Prize.

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