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Mary Bush

Mary Bush


Author Bio

Aviation Pioneer and author Mary Bush Shipko was one of the first women airline pilots in the country she began her flying career in 1964 in South Florida. She was hired in May of 1976 as the first woman Airline pilot for Hughes Air West, owned by the colorful aviator and movie producer Howard Hughes. Mary received her airline transport rating and DC- 3 type rating in November of 1974. She also holds a Curtis C-46 type rating. Other aircraft she flew includes the constellation 1049H, Douglas DC-6 and DC-7CF. At the airlines she flew the Fairchild F-27 and Douglas DC-9 and Boeing 727. She has written three books her popular memoir, AVIATRIX, her children's book, DARING MARY AVIATION PIONEER , and her newest book for ages 12 and up, THE FIRSTS; WOMEN PILOTS AND HOW THEY CHANGED THE AIRLINES, a STEM book. Today she speaks around the country, inspiring young women to become airline pilots.

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