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Triple Divide

Tdfront cover with text
By J. E. Tobin

Three American soldiers, following their latest deployment in Afghanistan, return home burdened by secrets and moral uncertainties.
Being home in America brings them no peace. After visiting his mother, one soldier disappears into the vast wilderness of Glacier National Park. News of his disappearance drives the other two men to undertake separate missions to rescue him. Will they find him in time? And, as they approach the peak where rain flows into three oceans, what truths—if any—will they discover about themselves and each other?

Triple Divide is a gripping adventure story of courage, friendship, and redemption. It renders an unforgettable portrayal of war’s aftermath on soldiers and those who love them.

I highly recommend this novel not just to men, whose lives it reflects, but to women who are interested in bridging gaps between the inner worlds of women and men. An adventure and a thriller, Triple Divide is also an inspiring take on the human condition… 

Michael Gurian, New York Times bestselling author of Saving Our Sons

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