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Jamie is settling into her new job in Washington DC. The last thing she needs is a distraction. Then she meets Ben. Charming, considerate, and, yes, sexy. She finds herself thinking about him more often than she should. She struggles to keep her feelings in check while he works his magic to draw her closer. He’s patient, but he can’t be expected to wait forever. Jamie needs time to discover she deserves better than what she has, and Ben must decide if she’s worth the wait.

Congrats to Dawn Brotherton writing as Misty Austin for winning Bronze Award in the Romance Fiction category of 2013 Global eBooks!
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Elegance and Simplicity

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By Ronald Munro

Book 1, Southjoy Mission Series

Elegance and Simplicity is a romantic allegory told in the manner of a Jane Austen discovery of love story.  Miss Ariana Atwood, of uncommon sensibility and unexceptional station, and Mr. Cedric Stacey, of exceptional station and uncommon pride, are destined to be admirable foes, but foes who discover within themselves an ardent wish to be admired, each by the other. Between them stands a divisive social barrier sustained by an imposing superstition, a multitude of mysteries, and one insidious betrayal. In their struggle to disperse those impediments and surmount the prevailing class prejudice, they discover love and the intrinsic grandeur of life's true Elegance and Simplicity.

A Rainbow for Christmas

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By Mary Montague Sikes

Meg, her niece and brother set out on a wagon train headed for Denver where Meg's fiance in an arranged marriage awaits. When a senseless murder claims her brother's life, Meg determines to push on. However, when she meets handsome Cade Russell, the wagon master, her conviction to enter a loveless marriage wavers. Will Meg honor her father's wishes and marry John O'Sullivan, whose dowry will save the family farm from foreclosure? Meg has difficult choices to make.

Daddy's Christmas Angel

Daddy's christmas angel20160513 2463 wsasmh
By Mary Montague Sikes

When Kathleen learns she will be an angel in the class Christmas play, the seven-year-old plots a meeting between her attractive teacher and Kathleen's daddy, a lonely widower who blames himself for his wife’s death. Angie McAllister is drawn to the subdued student and her handsome daddy, but has her own emotional scars. Can the magic of the season clear the way for a little girl's Christmas wish to come true?

Eagle Rising

Eagle rising20160513 2463 1nmf22q
By Mary Montague Sikes

"Passenger to Paradise" mystery/romance set in the magic Red Rock Country of Sedona, AZ

Hearts Across Forever

Hearts across20160513 25801 1iwkw9
By Mary Montague Sikes

"Passenger to Paradise" romance set on the island of Jamaica. Reincarnation story linked to the "white witch of Rose Hall."

Night Watch

Night watch20160509 4319 18ufm83
By Mary Montague Sikes

From the moment Lily’s plane lands in tropical Trinidad, things go awry. She planned for rest, relaxation and photography, but instead faces mistaken identity, a gun running operation and danger. Her transportation to her lodging does a no show, and she is mistaken for someone named Katherine by Kyle Warren. Putting the unsettling feelings of her trip and recent deaths of her parents behind her, Lily enjoys the ocean view from her room only to see the familiar figure of the man from the airport watching men stealthily unloading cargo from a small boat. Over the next few days, Lily’s resemblance to another puts her in danger and Kyle’s attempts to protect her further complicate the uncanny memories and feelings that she may indeed know him from the past. With her life in peril, Lily discovers a deep kinship with her doppelganger and a growing attachment to Kyle.

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