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Embers and Echoes

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By Ronald Munro

Book 4, Southjoy Mission Series
In the wake of her best friend’s murder, the death of the man who loved her, and the torment of her own kidnapping (Lingering Missives, 2014), the serenity of Catlyn Stacey’s personal world has been torn apart and left in shambles. Now a sociopath intends to destroy the rest of it. Plagued with nightmares and burdened with the guilt of being a victim, Catlyn perceives a future in the person of an orphaned child, the support of an ad hoc family, and the inspiring words of the two hundred year old diary of a distant ancestor. In a harrowing confrontation with her tormentor, Catlyn discovers her deepest inner strength, a will to live, and love.

Lingering Missives

Lingering missives20160512 24001 1c9m2m9
By Ronald Munro

Book 3, Southjoy Mission Series
Lingering Missives is a murder mystery novel set in the present time, but utilizing the legendary estate of Southjoy Mission created in two previous romance novels which were set in the 1800s (Elegance and Simplicity, and A Formidable Comfort).Young American, Catlyn Stacey, is the sole surviving descendant of the Stacey lineage. Alone, she must contend with powerful forces who crave the influence and prestige that the Southjoy Mission estate would bring them. Lured by the fumes of fortune perceived in a document that has clung to existence some 1300 years, they're deterred neither by the desperate petition issued some 800 years later, nor by the passionate plea carefully cultivated in poignant and pointed words in the 200 year old diary of Ariana Stacey. Beginning like a romance novel, the story shifts into a murder mystery, and finally concludes with a brief, but intense, psychological drama dealing with grief and loss.

Southjoy Mission 1808-1809

Southjoy mission
By Ronald Munro

Book 1, Southjoy Mission Series

The once elegant estate of Southjoy Mission stands forlorn after centuries of neglect and abuse.

Lady Beatrice Sylvia engages a modest country woman, Miss Ariana Atwood, to assist in the ambitious renovation of her newly acquired estate. Her nephew, Mr. Cedric Stacey, is tolerant of his aunt but is otherwise unsympathetic, especially towards Miss Atwood.

Local superstition, hidden pasts, and class prejudice besiege the renovation which is further hampered by the subterfuge of people thought honorable and trustworthy.

The resulting discord between Ariana and Cedric threatens to condemn Southjoy Mission to unending ruin, and their own lives to futures of immeasurable regret.

To thwart this ruinous fate, Cedric and Ariana must journey through a maze of innuendo, deception, and betrayal.

Their destination is timeless. Their journey, a discovery of love, honor, and commitment.

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Cat war rising

War Rising (Servants of Morrigan: Four Horsemen Book 3)

By Caterina Novelliere
What is one Horseman’s life worth?
Peace never lasts long for a Horseman. The years of relative calm Rayne Warwick has enjoyed are coming to an end as trouble stirs in medieval Spain. Unlike the last time remnants from his past surfaced, there is no reburying them. Rayne must disclose who he once was and relive the sins of his prior existence if he wants to protect his family. But if he does so, he fears forever losing Grace, whom he promised never to keep such secrets from.
Grace knows her husband is far from a saint. No man of war has clean hands. Neither did she once she became the Morte Defensore. After finding herself caught in the crossfire of a demon turf war and a failed kidnapping attempt on their son by a band of time-traveling humans, Grace wants Rayne to share whatever he is hiding about his past.
Isra, a female djinn overseeing Lucifer’s affairs in Spain, and Malik, the human ruler of the Cordovan Emirate, manipulate events to bring Rayne back to Al-Andalus. Rayne confronts mortal and immortal alike as Malik and Isra deploy heavy-handed tactics in a deadly gambit to seize control of the Iberian Peninsula.
Faced with the age-old question of what is one life worth, Rayne hopes Grace values the Horseman he has become enough to forgive his trespasses. Will he crumple underneath the weight of his past, or will he embrace what he once was for a chance to live a life free of his one remaining fear?
Accompany Rayne into the past to discover how one man evolves into the High Council’s most powerful harbinger: War.

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Tale of Rouen

By Caterina Novelliere
It is said “those who [do not] remember the past are [doomed] to repeat it.” – George Santayana

But sometimes, necessary secrets trap one in an endless cycle of tragedy.

Jillian, a divorced researcher, travels to Urbino, Italy, to get away from life in the United States. While she explores the winding cobblestone streets of the mountaintop town, she encounters a man from the Renaissance. Initially, she thinks he is a costumed tour guide, then she learns he is a ghost with a strange story.

Rouen is cursed to wander within the boundaries of Urbino for a thousand years. Jillian is the first person in over a century to notice that he exists. Although it goes against his better judgement, he befriends the woman.

Jillian feels sorry for Rouen and decides to see if anything can be done to put his soul to rest. As she turns page after page in the archives, she learns there is much more to Rouen’s story than he shared. What she discovers rewrites the historical narrative of one of England’s most famous rulers. Ignoring Rouen’s warnings to stop pursuing secrets of the past, Jillian’s discovery draws her into Rouen’s world and the dangers that lurk there.

Shocked to find herself living history instead of writing it, Jillian is faced with the choice of sharing what she knows with the world, or allowing Rouen to slip silently back into the shadows of the past.
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A Rainbow for Christmas

Rainbow20160513 25801 ziky7i
By Mary Montague Sikes

Meg, her niece and brother set out on a wagon train headed for Denver where Meg's fiance in an arranged marriage awaits. When a senseless murder claims her brother's life, Meg determines to push on. However, when she meets handsome Cade Russell, the wagon master, her conviction to enter a loveless marriage wavers. Will Meg honor her father's wishes and marry John O'Sullivan, whose dowry will save the family farm from foreclosure? Meg has difficult choices to make.

Daddy's Christmas Angel

Daddy's christmas angel20160513 2463 wsasmh
By Mary Montague Sikes

When Kathleen learns she will be an angel in the class Christmas play, the seven-year-old plots a meeting between her attractive teacher and Kathleen's daddy, a lonely widower who blames himself for his wife’s death. Angie McAllister is drawn to the subdued student and her handsome daddy, but has her own emotional scars. Can the magic of the season clear the way for a little girl's Christmas wish to come true?

Eagle Rising

Eagle rising20160513 2463 1nmf22q
By Mary Montague Sikes

"Passenger to Paradise" mystery/romance set in the magic Red Rock Country of Sedona, AZ

Hearts Across Forever

Hearts across20160513 25801 1iwkw9
By Mary Montague Sikes

"Passenger to Paradise" romance set on the island of Jamaica. Reincarnation story linked to the "white witch of Rose Hall."

Night Watch

Night watch20160509 4319 18ufm83
By Mary Montague Sikes

From the moment Lily’s plane lands in tropical Trinidad, things go awry. She planned for rest, relaxation and photography, but instead faces mistaken identity, a gun running operation and danger. Her transportation to her lodging does a no show, and she is mistaken for someone named Katherine by Kyle Warren. Putting the unsettling feelings of her trip and recent deaths of her parents behind her, Lily enjoys the ocean view from her room only to see the familiar figure of the man from the airport watching men stealthily unloading cargo from a small boat. Over the next few days, Lily’s resemblance to another puts her in danger and Kyle’s attempts to protect her further complicate the uncanny memories and feelings that she may indeed know him from the past. With her life in peril, Lily discovers a deep kinship with her doppelganger and a growing attachment to Kyle.

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